During your battles, one or more of your heroes may fall due to loss of their hitpoints. As long as one hero is still standing at the end of the battle, you have won the battle and still get to complete it. The downside is that any hero that falls in a battle will not receive experience for that battle.

If you are having some difficulties during combat, try out some of these tips which may help you during your battles.

  • After completing a Hunting Ground area, there is a cooldown period of a day, before you are allowed to enter the same one again. At least once per day, you are allowed to return to previous hunting grounds without spending any gems (you can reset it at any time by spending a few gems). Though you might have already "beaten" a Hunting Ground instance, replaying the same one again will allow them to gain more experience and level up more, in preparation for that challenging boss you might be facing. In the end, it will actually become necessary to replay hunting grounds in order to help your group of heroes level up, as there aren't enough Hunting Grounds to only beat each one time
  • Check all of your heroes' item slots to make sure they are wearing items in each slot from any items you have collected from previous battles. Also, make sure they are wearing the best and highest level items that they can equip. Generally higher level items are better than lower level items, but you can confirm this by checking the item's AC (Armor Class) or DMG (Damage). This will remove any doubt as to which is best. 
  • Don't forget to make sure your heroes are fully healed before starting a battle. This is not necessary for any heroes under level 10, but after that, they will need to be healed before each battle. You would do this from the "Ready for battle" screen preceeding each battle.
  • Consider equipping Healing potions available from quests and from the store, on your heroes, particularly for more challenging battles, including bosses. The better the healing potion, the more likely your heroes will stay up during battle.
  • Try enhancing some of your items, which will give your heroes more AC or DMG. See Item Enhancing for more info on this.
  • More will be added..

Following these tips can give you the needed edge in battle!

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