This section is devoted to everything pertaining to your decks.

In EoC, the definition of a "deck" is essentially: Three heroes that fight together as a team whenever you engage in a battle (be it in any Hunting Grounds, or against a Kingdom).

To access your decks and heroes, from the Main Menu tap "Decks" at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the "Deck Edit" screen, with several options available to you.
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Deck Edit screen

Deck Edit screen

On this screen, you will see three decks available to you. By default you will have the first deck populated with your first three heroes.

You may have up to three decks ready to use at any time that you can select between battles.

To practice changing the composition of the first deck, tap on any of the three hero portratis in the first deck. You can now tap "Out Deck" and the hero will be removed to make room for another.

To add a new hero simply tap the now empty slot once again, and you'll be taken back to the "Card Management" screen. From here you can add another hero (including the one you just removed) by tapping on a hero portrait (not the heroes marked as "Active", as those are already in use by your deck), and then tapping "Select". This will add the hero to your deck. Once you have more than four heroes to choose from, you can see the rest of your heroes by swiping across the heroes to see other pages.

Let's examine the different options at the bottom of the "Deck Edit" screen.

Edit: Basically the "Deck Edit" screen, this allows you to shortcut back to this screen from the other options.

Manage: To see all of your heroes, you can tap "Manage". This screen allows you to view all of your heroes by scrolling the screen. You can have up to 100 heroes at a time (needs confirmation). You can sell a hero by tapping on its portrait and then tapping "Sell". You can "Equip Items" on the hero as well.

Enhance: The "Enhance" button will take you to the hero enhancement menu. Enhancing heroes will be covered in the section about Enhancing Heroes.

Gallery: This will display all heroes in the game. You can scroll the pages to see over 150 heroes listed, currently. Any hero that you have will be "lit up" or in full color, while any hero you do not currently have in your hero card slots will be "grayed out". You can tap on any hero portrait to read the available bio on them.

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