Similar in appearance to the Guardians, except for their towering horns and red eyes. According to ancient times, the Desolators and the Guardians were of one family. However the Desolators rebelled against God and were cast down into the Underworld. As time passed, they adapted to their environments to become the forms they are in now.

Arrogant, proud and totally self-absorbed. They excel in individual combat but lack somewhat in their solidarity.


Beautiful in appearance and elegant, the Guardians have graceful white wings and pointed ears. A highly developed civilization who lives high in the clouds in their mountain castle. Sometimes, they do come down to "earth" and have relationships with Humans.

Although generally quiet and relaxed, they are uncontrollable once angered. Outsiders take great care not to upset them.


While not as beautiful as the Guardians or strong as the Desolators, God gave the humans an indomitable mental toughness and faith. While they falter between good and evil, they have a pioneering spirit and fortitude that stays with them for their entire life. While they strive for the important things in their individual lives, when a crisis occurs, they have the strongest sense of cohesion and unity than any other race.


A nature loving species, they try and protect the trees and forest. Due to thei disposition, they come into conflict with the Humans, who often destroy nature for their needs. However, due to their pure and good nature, they try and resolve the conflict without violence. They are not known for their strength, but their sense of magical abilities are generally superior to Humans (perhaps because of their closeness with nature).


They are closed and aggressive. According to myth, they are descended from dragons. They live in a volcanic and wasteland area. Other species avoid and supress them. More info is currently lacking on this species.

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